Google Ads Pay Per Click

We provide a Google Ads account setup and management service so your business can start receiving paid traffic.

The advantage of paid traffic is that it is an instant traffic source but there are many pitfalls to avoid. Having a pay-per-click campaign that isn’t optimised can prove very costly, with wasted clicks due to incorrect targeting options being a common mistake we often see.

If you want to let us manage your Google Ad spend so you can concentrate on your core business then contact us to arrange a call to discuss your options.

Get Started With Google Ads

If you would like to discuss your pay per click options and the setup and management service we offer, then get in touch.


Lower Cost Per Acquisition

An optimised Google Ads campaign can see lowered cost per acquisition, increasing your profitability.

Monthly Reports

Each month, we’ll provide you with a custom report detailing all the important metrics relating to your Google Ads campaign.

Data Intelligence

When setup correctly, a Google Ads campaign can be a goldmine for new keywords and trends to go after. We’ll show you how.

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