Need SEO in Leamington Spa?

Looking for Search Engine Optimisation in Leamington Spa?
  • Does your company have a website that isn’t getting any traffic?

  • Did you focus too much on the design of the website and failed to overlook the online marketing of it?

  • Are you missing out on enquiries from potential customers because your website isn’t positioned high up on Google?

Looking for Search Engine Optimisation in Leamington Spa?

Failing to undertake a process of getting their website ranked for key terms is a common oversight many companies make.  Spending hundreds or even thousands on a brand new website is no guarantee of attracting the right kind of visitors to the site.

There are few companies in the UK who have the level of knowledge, skills and expertise needed to do Search Engine Optimisation well.  With recent search engine algorithm updates by Google, many SEO providers have been caught out because the low quality and lazy techniques they were using are no longer effective (and in some cases have resulted in penalties against their clients’ websites).

We’re different because we take a safe approach to everything we do to get your website ranking high on Google.  We take an ‘attack from all angles’ approach to give your website the most visibility online.  With that visibility, comes the much improved chances of your potential customers finding you.

Here’s a summary of the kinds of online marketing options we offer.  For some clients we use all of them, for others, just one or two are needed.   As every client is unique, we tailor a marketing package based on requirements and needs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We achieve real and visible results for you and your website.  Your website positioned on the first page of Google attracting the people who are searching for your product or service – how does that sound to you?
We don’t use spam, low quality or lazy SEO tactics (which are usually generated from automated software). We optimise each of your website pages to rank for chosen search phrases.

Often, this means creating a separate page for each search term you wish to rank for.  In addition to this on-site optimisation, we’ll also work on getting quality links from other sites back to yours.
SEO is not an overnight fix.  It takes times for the changes we make to start having an effect on your website’s ranking position.  Don’t believe anyone who offers you guaranteed rankings within so many days because in truth, they never work long term.

The rankings we achieve for our clients are long term due to the structured approach we take to SEO.

Our SEO packages start with a small setup charge followed by a monthly fee for ongoing SEO.  Results are typically seen within 1-3 months.

Local SEO

Do you have a business when primarily you service local customers? If so, it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity Google gives you to promote your business whenever someone searches for <your product or service> in <your local city/town> For example: plumber in Leamington Spa

Using Local SEO allows you company to show up in Google Maps and use a mobile optimised Google Local listing.

We’re experts at achieving all of this for the clients we work with so if this appeals to you, then get in touch.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you’re website is new, then it may take time (1-3 months, possibly longer depending on competition) to get your website ranked in the natural (or organic) search results.

An alternative to consider is to use pay per click (PPC) advertising in the short term.  There are many pitfalls to avoid when using PPC, so we recommend speaking to us about setting up and managing a campaign for you.

Social Networking

With social networking, you can extend your reach to a wider audience as well as engaging in conversations online.  Doing so puts your business and brand at the forefront of people’s minds.  We can handle account setup, custom graphics and a schedule of regular posts for you.  There is also the option of using Facebook advertising to reach your target market.

Video Marketing and Content

Video content is becoming more and more valuable as a tool for marketing your business online.  A short video is far easier to consume than a lengthy article on the same subject.  We not only come up with ideas for a promotional video, but also take care of the recording, editing and publishing of it.

Contact us to get your business noticed online. Call Adrian on 01926 800520.

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