SEO Consultant Interview #2: Nathan Tarrant of RCM Digital

Continuing with our series of interviews with SEO Consultants, I’m pleased to bring you the latest interview with Nathan Tarrant of RCM Digital, an SEO provider based in Ashford, Kent. So let’s get into the questions for Nathan…

Tell us a little about yourself as an introduction to our readers….

I’m 44, have two adult children, live in the south east of England at the moment (I move around a bit) I’m a serial entrepreneur who is a former business and life coach and trainer, along with being a certified guerrilla marketing coach and business strategist. I’ve run my own businesses since 1998 and love the freedom it gives. I’ve been a consultant to stay at home mum’s, directors of Fortune 500 companies and delegates of the UN. I love working with people because I love the diversity it brings. I’m a big Liverpool FC fan, I love travel and cheese is my weakness!!

How long have you been involved SEO and how did you get started?

The majority of my working background has been as a growth strategist. Basically I would go into businesses and turn them around from failing to being successful. Sometimes that would involve changing the way management operated, or it may be tweaking the marketing message. I had been doing internet marketing since 1998 and it was always a part of my offering to clients to improve their revenue and brand etc. I started to focus on SEO from a singular point of view in 2006/7 and it’s been my main focus ever since.

What’s the biggest thing you love about SEO and digital marketing?

I love how it changes so fast. I don’t like things staying the same for a long period of time so the fact that its different today compared to 18 months ago, let alone 5 years ago is what I like. I also love how I am in a lot more control than standard consultancy. My business consultancy back in the 1990’s/2000’s was so reliant on my clients actually taking action and implementing the strategies I gave them that If they didn’t then it was very frustrating. But now I only have to bow to Google and that’s not too difficult if you know what you are doing. I also love the buzz I get when I rank a brand new site or recover one that has been hit with a penalty. That’s my high.

Same question but the reverse, what’s the biggest thing you hate about SEO and digital marketing?

People who think they know what they are doing when the reality is they don’t. While on a business forum the other day my attention was grabbed by a particular post concerning SEO. The title said ‘I am an SEO expert but I need help understanding on page SEO’ the guy was asking for help because by his own admission he did not know nor understand what the basic parameters of on page SEO are. Yet despite the fact he had absolutely no idea what to do, by his own words, he was an ‘SEO Expert’.

I have no problem with a person asking for help, I’ll be one of the first to jump in and give all the help they need, but to say you’re an expert? The impact it causes those of us like you and I who have worked very hard to get where we are, can be damaging. That’s what I hate about the industry.

There are some who say SEO is dead. What’s your response to that?

Well after I give them a long stare while I count to twenty before saying anything, I usually reply with ‘That’s because you don’t know how to do it’. All the time there are search engines, there will be SEO. Yes Google want people to do AdWords because after all that’s how they make a large portion of their revenue. But around 70% of people click on the natural search results and not AdWords, so SEO is a must for anyone who wants an increase in visitors to their website.

What does a typical day look like in your office?

Not as manic as it used to be when I was head of digital marketing at one of the UK’s largest specialist marketing agencies. Now that I work at my own Kent based SEO agency it’s a lot less hectic as I now only focus on SEO. I spend a lot of time monitoring the performance of clients websites and making the necessary adjustments and creating quality links to improve their rankings. That buzz of getting a site ranking and having very happy clients is great.

Do you have an ideal client? Is there one particular niche you like to work in?

Because I love variety so much I don’t really have a particular niche I want to work in. Where I work we specialise in the construction industry and I find the fact that every client is virtually the same, a bit boring. I would prefer to mix it up with different clients.

Do I have an ideal client? For me it would be one that will work with me by being interested in forming a long term relationship and also trusts me to do my job. Oh and pays on time too!

Finally, a fun question to end on…what advice would you give to your 20 year old self just starting out in SEO and digital marketing?

Find out who the best are in the industry and follow them. Ignore everyone else otherwise you will find you are running around chasing your tail. Focus on the specifics / fundamentals and forget everything else and your business will grow big time.


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