Working With AWE – How We Work

Our Process - How we work with you.

Here’s the process we follow when working on new client projects. We like to work collaboratively with our clients, as they know their own business best and when combined with our internet marketing talent, we achieve fantastic looking websites that hit the mark.

Strategy Development

The first stage of working with us is to clarify your business goals, establish objectives and identify the criteria by which will we measure success. This is a collaborative process where we work together with you and during this stage we will focus on:

  • Value proposition of your business
  • Competitive environment
  • Ways to differentiate your business online

We’ll also review:

  • Your current brand, identity and online reputation
  • Your target audience – what’s important to them and what it will take to gain their trust and business
  • How your existing business processes can be streamlined with technology in order to create value

Identifying the above provides a solid foundation for defining the website requirements, opportunites to explore and vision going forward.

Market Research & Benchmarking

The next stage involves gathering intel about the competitive environment your business operates in.  We gather information about your target audience, how they search and any other factors that should influence the website design. We also discuss the positioning of your business within your industry and market. All this gathered intelligence is used to identify sites that are good benchmarks to review.

Design & Prototyping

Once the vision and strategic direction for your website has been agreed, we create the website plan.  This is a framework for detailing the functional requirements, target audience, navigation design, colour schemes and content plan. This is also the stage at which the site comes alive, albeit in the form of static mockups and wireframes to start to give you an idea of ‘look and feel’.

Every website design we do is user-centric – keeping in mind the website visitor. Getting this right will help connect with your target audience and build a personal connection. Navigation menus are carefully designed so as to make it easy for your website visitor to get the information they want or complete a desired action e.g submit an enquiry.

Our website design process is equally driven by the need to get your message across, along with your brand and what you stand for.


In this stage, we begin to build your website, following the website plan. This involves:

  • Creating the web pages that will make up your site
  • Registering your domain name (if you don’t have one)
  • Creating or sourcing images to use on your site and optimising them for web use
  • Liaising with you to supply content
  • A client login is provided for you to see progress and give feedback
  • Testing against the functional & technical requirements


This is the stage at which we publish a beta-version of your new website for you to review, giving you the opportunity to request any last minute minor tweaks that may be needed.


This is always the exciting part! While you enjoy the excitement of your new shiny website, we’ll be busy closely monitoring the site to ensure everything is working as it should.  A smooth website launch is our aim to minimise disruption to your customers and website visitors.

Once your website is published, we take care of the following:

  • Enable visitor analytics
  • Test all enquiry forms
  • Email accounts made active
  • Implement any re-directs from your old site to your new site

Finally we also work alongside you to manage announcements on the site and launch strategies.

Website Management

It is critical that your website is managed and maintained on an ongoing basis as this will keep the site fresh and up-to-date with the latest security updates.

Most of our clients ask us to provide website hosting and maintenance services. This involves monitoring website performance, managing backend updates, resolving technical issues and updating the site with new content.

We’re experienced at providing this service and it’s one less thing you need to take care of.

If you would like us to work with your business, please get in touch using this contact form.